Royal Irish Constabulary


This song I first heard on Radio Telefís Éireann. According to the late Burl Ives, this song became popular through the singer Gerard Crofts in the internment camps set up after the 1916 Rebellion. D.M.P. is the Dublin Metropolitan Police.

Other lyrics. 

When I first I came to Dublin Town,
'Twas in eighteen eighty three,
I went direct, with me head erect,
For to join the D.M.P.
My majestic feet woke Kevin Street,
As I walked up proud and free;
For well I knew they could not do,
Without me, Moriarity!


Chorus: I'm a well known Bobby of the stalwart squad,
I belong to the D.M.P.
And the girls all cry as I pass by:
Are you there, Moriarity!

On, on, I went without accident,
Till the station came in view,
Then myself I saw as a limb of the law,
Dressed out like a big Boy Blue.
As thro' the gate of me future fate
I strode on manfully,
All the police cried when they seen me stride,
“And is this Moriarity!"


Repeat Chorus.


With no delay, I drew me pay
And began for to study too,
A policeman I soon became,
Prepared for my job to do.
Thieves, far and near, I filled with fear,
Jailbirds avoided me;
Malefactors trembled when they heard,
"Here's Moriarity!


Repeat chorus.

When to court I went, on business bent,
The Judge on his bench looked grim;
But after awhile I saw him smile,
If I happened to glance at him.
Then I'd hear him say in a solemn way,
“Now, and who could that man be?"
"My Lord," said the clerk, “He's a man of mark,
Name of MO-RI-AR-I-TY.”


The Latin I knew in a week or two,
And I gave them soon a shock
When I hurled a junk of a “quid pro nunc.”
With a "post" and a "propter hoc."
A "habeas corpus" or "aqua fortis,"
Was all the same to me!
When I'd take the floor the crier would roar:
"Wisha! Here's MO-RI-AR-I-TY!"


Repeat chorus.

The ladies too, I very soon knew,
Were smitten, one and all;
For beneath me spell, they quickly fell,
And I held them in me thrall.
With my handsome face, with me charm and grace,
They thought and they dreamt of me;
And when I'd pass by I could hear them sigh:
"Oh, I love MO-RI-AR-I-TY!"


Repeat chorus.

When my work is done and me course is run,
And I've walked on me last long beat,
And to Heaven's shore I'll quickly soar,
Saint Peter there to meet,
Sure, I hope he'll say, in a kindly way,
“"Is it there, Tim, yourself I see?”
Your reward you've won for your work well done,
Step in! MO-RI-AR-I-TY!"


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