Royal Irish Constabulary

Books of interest on the Royal Irish Constabulary  include:

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The eBook, " The Crown, Harp and Shamrock of the Old R.I.C. (1890-1915) "

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2012:England's Janissary by Peter James Cottrell [Hardcover]

RIC Officers (1816-1922) by Jim Herlihy.The Royal Irish Constabulary by Jim Herlihy (A short History and Genealogical Guide) Jim has written many books on the RIC and he has inspired people like me to research their ancestors who were police officers in Ireland.

Police Casualties in Ireland (1919-1922) by Richard Abbott.

John M. Regan (1909-1948)

The Irish Policeman (1822-1922) by Elizabeth Malcolm.

The Depot by Donal O`Sullivan.

The Irish Constabularies (A century of policing in Ireland by Donal J. O`Sullivan

District Inspector John A Kearney by Donal J. O`Sullivan (Trafford Publishing)

A Policeman`s Ireland by Samuel Waters RIC

A Land in Flames by David Marcus.  

The Royal Irish Constabulary (An oral history) by John D. Brewer.

Voices and the Sound of Drums by Patrick Shea.

The Royal Irish Constabulary by Thomas Fennell

Michael Collins (The Secret File) edited by A.T.Q Stewart.

The Murder of Conell Boyle, County Donegal 1898 by Frank Sweeney.

 The Burning of Bridget Cleary by Angela Bourke.

 `Peeler` by Kevin McCarthy.