Royal Irish Constabulary

RIC images including the rare cigarette card is held in an R.I.C. collection by Michael Talbot.)


          A Dublin Metropolitan Policeman on foot patrol crosses the street in Dublin in 1888.



  `Tin` policeman in Michael Talbot's own collection photographed in front of post cards.

                                Downpatrick, Ireland.


    The Inspector - General inspecting the R.I.C. at The Depot, Dublin 


     Royal Ulster Constabulary in Derry (Londonderry)

   A member of the Garda Siochana at Trinity College, Dublin.

   The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in Belfast

A member of the R.I.C. checking a firearm of a suspect. 

Sergeant Driscoll and his men. Taken from the book `A Land in Flames` by David Marcus


Inside the Barracks (from the Kerry Museum)




     Thomas O'Rourke  (From the book Images of Tralee by Michael Diggin) 



     The reading room at the RIC Barracks, Depot, Dublin about 1890.


       An RIC Sergeant and his family.


    (From Michael Talbot's R.I.C. collection) 

Irish Police uniforms from the Constabulary of Ireland to Royal Irish Constabulary.


Top row far left: is the 1822 Constable who is in full dress wearing Belltop Shako green coatee and white duck trousers and armed with a Flintlock Carbine


Top middle: is the 1858 Inspector in full dress wearing a pattern flowerpot Shako.

The coat is long skirted with Rifle Brigade pattern lace. The trousers have black shamrock braid seams identical to that worn on officer’s caps until later in the history of the service.


Top right: 1916 Constable Review Order. Wearing a home service pattern helmet with rolled greatcoat over the shoulder and wearing leather puttees or gaiters, black leather webbing and armed with a Enfield carbine.


Bottom row far left: 1875 Head Constable. Wearing pillbox cap and carrying Warrant Officers sword. This is the uniform of a 1st Class HC and is wearing four gold chevrons with crowned harp above right cuff.


Bottom row middle: 1895 Roughrider trooper in undress patrol uniform in pillbox cap. All roughriders’ troopers had the rank of Acting Sergeant two gold chevrons with a gold lace spur above on the right arm.


Bottom row right: 1921 RIC Sergeant. This was the last RIC uniform worn before disbandment. The uniform however would be retained along with cap badges by the RUC.

 An image of a policeman providing comfort to a small child.


 " Where are you going this time of night??"


In Bridge Street, Caherceiven, County Kerry is a former Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks which is now a heritage centre. Amongst other things it houses a RIC museum. This image was taken by Mike Talbot in June 2008.  


The building was burned by anti-treaty forces in 1922 and has been restored.


This building seems quite out of place for Kerry and there is a story that the plans for it were mixed up with a barracks to be built in India. The Barracks was designed and constructed during the period 1869-1871 and is arguably one of the most picturesque with its turreted structure nesting in the beautiful South Kerry landscape. (The image by Mike Talbot)