Royal Irish Constabulary

The Sporting Policeman

There was always an encouragement for policemen to keep fit and so sport was a way of doing that. It helped them to have a break from the call of duty and to forge a link with the local community they were policing through sporting challenges. The above image is an R.I.C. `Tug of War` team from Wexford in 1895. Because of their talent, strength and added discipline some policeman became champions.  The sports included swimming, boxing and field sports (including the shot and discus)  My ancestor -  my Great Grand Uncle: James Talbot is on the back row - far left.


The above is the 1895 Wexford R.I.C. team in action. Thanks to James and Joseph O'Carroll, the grandson`s of James Talbot who allowed me to copy and use the above images.



 Another R.I.C. Tug- of - War team (details and date is unknown but they are from Ireland's National Archives.)